Therapy Mallorca’s goal is to help patients reach their maximum rehabilitation potential for a safe return to activities necessary for home, work, sports and/or recreation.
We primarily utilize manual techniques in our treatments, such as Myofascial and Trigger Point Release, Osteopathic approaches from Maitland, Mulligan, Roccabado, and Upledger’s CraneoSacral Therapy as well.
When appropriate we include Chiropractic adjustments for the spine and extremities, and we apply kinesio tape to support the joint corrections achieved and to relax hyper-tonic muscles, among many other applications.
Also we utilize Magnetic Therapy equipments, as the modalities of choice for its effectiveness in pain treatment with almost no contraindications.
Many of our patients benefit from our Holistic Wellness Program. Therapy Mallorca  is dedicated to providing the highest quality of rehabilitative care and to maximize the health potential of each one of our clients.

Advance pain management technologies

Osteopathic and/or Chiropractic Treatment

Myofascial and Trigger Point Release

Therapeutic Massage Soft Tissue Mobilizations

Customized Exercise Programs

Kinesio Taping Applications

Craneo-Sacral Therapy

Pilates and Therapeutic Exercises Classes

Comfortable settings and small groups!!

Fantastic Wellness Program planned to suit you health needs!

Great results in the best healthy way!

You will feel great, looks fantastic and  people will notice your incredible results!

Pilates for Pregnancy is  a personalized plan of exercises designed to assist women during this special time.

You and your baby will feel the difference.

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