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Therapy Mallorca offers community minded progressive rehabilitation that produces real and lasting results. By providing a multidisciplinary approach to health care and health promotion we empower our clients to take initiative for their own health and well being.

Whether you are recovering from an injury or ailment, or learning how to prevent injury, Therapy Mallorca is a rehabilitation service designed to maximize your functional abilities, and facilitate rapid independence and return to normal activity.

Health promotion and prevention are the corner stones of our practice. Here we present you a summary of health and wellness facts to assist everyone understand our therapeutic approach.

-Learning to identify what contributes to your health and what doesn’t is the first step to a success story.
-Research shows that a health problem can take place and develop by as much as 70% of it´s process without reproducing noticeable symptoms.
-Many times a health issue can be affecting us without us knowing it.
-Since the main symptom “pain” that will make us aware of the problem, may not be present; we go on with our life and simply forget about that minor muscle ache, or joint stiffness, or head ache that bother us for a few days, but went away, so we assume that if there is not pain then everything is ok.
-Our body is capable of developing a number of compensatory mechanisms, so it can continue to function as normally as possible without activating the alarm system “pain”; for as long as possible. This can go on for days, months or even years, but certainly not forever.
-One day we wake up with severe pain or during the day we feel a sharp muscle spasm, or we experience difficulty walking, etc. Our body signals the problem and requires that we take care of the problem, because it can no longer compensate or adjust to allow normal function.
-Early detection is crucial; this is one of the main reasons why to top places in the World Health Organization ranking of healthiest countries are awarded to those who focus in “Prevention”.
-The foundation for good health is in prevention. For this reason our cost-effective program includes a complete monthly health assessment absolutely Free for all members.
-Medication does not correct the problem, deals only with symptoms; we deal and correct the cause of the problem so you don´t have to rely on pills, that at best, provide just temporary relief.

We’ll assist you, teach you, and guide you, to successfully achieve a new lifestyle.


Gus Cabagna

Physiotherapy and Osteopathic treatments focusing on Sports Injuries and Spine Care.
Established the Advanced Healing and Recovery Program for athletes and post-op patients.
Magnetic Therapy treatments for hard to treat pain conditions.
Muscle energy techniques for Spine, Ribs and Pelvic corrections.
Implemented posture corrective exercise programs and spine-pelvis stabilization.
Sports Physiotherapy Services.
International Kinesiotaping Instructor for the Balearic Islands.

Anabella Ruggeri

Certified Pilates Instructor by Physical Mind Institute, Chicago, USA.
Pilates Mat
Advance Standing Pilates
Pregnancy Pilates
Postural Exercises

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